I have created the view “my blog entries” which should be displayed on a user’s profile page. In terms of displaying not all but only the currently viewed user’s blog entries I have added the Contextual Filter called Content: Author uid.

In a second step I created a block, which is only present on listed pages: “profile/*”

So now I can go to a user’s profile page (root/profile/3) and the block is enabled, the view is loaded and will load only entries from that very user.

In terms of improving SEO I used URL-Aliases to get something like this: root/profile/the-actual-user-name

For obvious reasons my view won’t work anymore. How to get it work again without the user-ID in the URL?


For your contextual filter use Provide default value, User ID From URL. (this automatically extracts the uid from the url (page) and the uid does not need to be in the url).

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