I have created a rule (using Rules) in which I added 3 conditons. Now I want to access the conditions values in the action that on which condition the action is performed.

I am attaching the screenshot :

enter image description here

As shown in the screenshot, I want to access

[commerce-license:type], Data value: Diamond Subscription

How can I achieve this ?

  • Could it be that "event" should be "action" in your title? If so please edit your title. If not: why doesn't it show up anywhere in your actual question? Dec 23, 2015 at 13:17
  • If you code conditions on a rule, they all have to be true before the rule is executed. So the value will always be "Diamond Subscription". If you access the value within the rule you'll always get the same result. Is that what you want? Dec 23, 2015 at 16:14

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I'm not sure if it'll be the only thing you need to do to get this to work, but I think you may get closer (= simplify your challenge) by ALSO using the Conditional Rules module. Some more details about this module (from its project page):

... provides Rules plugins for conditionally altering execution flow directly inside a group of actions.

Here is a screenprint of a rule with an action that uses Conditional Rules (though only with an "if"-part here, no "else"):

enter image description here

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