I'd like to send an automatic reply to every user who fills the form "Thank you for registration"+ link to a restricted webpage on my website -available only to registered users who filled that form.

Is it doable?


Yes you can do that in the following way:

  • Add an email field in webform. Set that field to get the users email by clicking "User email as default" option in the field's edit page.
  • Configure your forms to send emails by going at node/%nid/webform/emails and choosing "Component value", then choose your component.
  • After you add this "rule" you can then configure the actual email send to the user.

PS if you are not sure what the capabilities of a module are you can try it out at https://simplytest.me/.

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Webform Reply To

A key part of the Webform module is sending e-mails. Webform lets you customize the name and e-mail address that is used for outgoing e-mails, but often this is not enough. You cannot use Webform to set a custom "Reply-To" e-mail header, for instance.

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