I'm using Drupal 7

I'm creating a node through a node add form. The settings are such that it should by default be published. I'm trying to hide some of the options from the user, but when I


for some reason the node does is no longer published by default. I've tried tracing out the value of that portion of the form

drupal_set_message('Options'.'<pre>'.   print_r($form['options'], TRUE) .'</pre>');

and I get the same values when the field is visible as when it is hidden. Seems like perhaps something is fishy?

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When you hide the form['options'] array you essentially set it to 0. Which means the published field will always be 0 (unpublished). Try hiding the fields with CSS or JS if you need it to be conditional.

  • is this true of any form? or just the options portion of the form. did unset do this as well, I know that was the way to do it in drupal 6
    – user379468
    Dec 29, 2011 at 22:05

I was able to hide it and still get it to work correctly. I had to dig into the options object and set a number of parameters to true. Not sure if I needed to do this to them all, but here is the code.

    $form['options']['status']['#default_value'] = TRUE;
    $form['options']['status']['#input'] = TRUE;
    $form['options']['status']['#return_value'] = TRUE;
    $form['options']['status']['#value'] = TRUE;
    $form['options']['status']['#checked'] = TRUE;

This is inside the hook_form_alter() function in a custom module

  • Actually, also found that if you set the type of the field to hidden, it still works, but does not display, you can do it like this $form['field_name']['und'][0]['nid']['#type'] = 'hidden';
    – user379468
    Jan 2, 2012 at 17:03

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