I've made a dev copy of the site to perform some tests and bug fixes:

  1. copied site files to the separate directory

  2. copied database under the same user, so I'm able to see both DBs in the phpmyadmin

  3. edited settings.php to point dev to the copied database

  4. created new nginx conf to serve dev.mysite.com

BUT, the dev version is still communicates with the production DB somehow.

Server configuration: Ubuntu, Varnish front, Nginx back, MariaDB, opcache

Site configuration: Drupal7, single-site setup

And of course, I've double checked settings.php

Christmas mystery?

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You did not edit your sites.php file or name the new site directory in such a way that Drupal can discover it.

  • Cilefen, it's a single-site setup, so I don't need to touch sites.php at all.
    – Artreaktor
    Commented Dec 29, 2015 at 11:22

It's Nginx misconfiguration: dev domain was pointed to the production directory

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