I want to create a folder name include in-side sites/all/custom/contrib/ and inside this want to write some .inc files like date.inc, string.inc in each file a class is created which holds function.

Now I want to use this functions in each module under sites/all/custom/contrib. I have 10 custom module so this .inc functions are available to each custom module.

What is the directory structure I have to follow and how can I achieve this?

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    create one custom module with all your functions, and enable it after you enable this module you can use those functions on other custom modules.
    – shrish
    Dec 29, 2015 at 7:29

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In one of your custom modules, just create a directory includes and place your .inc files inside it.

To use the .inc files in your .module file, you can use module_load_include.

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