I have created a field calculated price in commerce add product, the code used to save calculated price on saving product.

function custom_module_entity_presave($product, $type) {
if ($type == 'commerce_product') {

$cal=commerce_product_calculate_sell_price($product); $currency_code=$cal['currency_code']; $amount=$cal['amount']; $total_amount = commerce_currency_format($amount, $currency_code);

$product->field_calculated_price['und'][0]['value']=$total_amount; //commerce_product_save($product);

} }

But this code showing error on saving product

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Try the code without using the following line.

$total_amount = commerce_currency_format($amount, $currency_code);

The remaining code will be the following,

function custom_module_entity_presave($product, $type) {
  if ($type == 'commerce_product') {

If this code not showing error, then the problem will be on your field_calculated_price field type. I think it is a custom field and the problem is the field type is not compatible with commerce_currency_format.

Please make try... Hope this will help you.

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