I would like to find a way for drupal site administrator to provide a reason when an account has been cancelled / blocked.

I would need a radio list such as below, then an automatic email is sent with the details of the option chosen by the admin.

  • Your email address is not a personal address issued by your company E.G. [email protected]
  • You did not supply your full name
  • You did not supply your company name
  • You did not supply a full address
  • You did not supply your telephone number

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In User fields, add field of type: List Text with checkboxes radio button as widget

Use the Filed Permissions module so only admins can see this user field.

Download Rules and enable Rules UI

Create a New Rule

React on: After Updating an Existing User Account

Add Condition: Data Comparison >> account-unchanged:status >> Operator: Equals DATA Value: Blocked

Add Action >> Send Mail >> Body: [user:name] was blocked because [user:field-example]

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