I have a mini panel in which I need to delete few content panes and add new content pane programmatically without using features.


The pane can be added to the mini-panel's display by loading the mini-panel using panels_mini_load($minipanel_name); & then saving back the minipanel after attaching the pane to the display. Attaching example below:

$mini = panels_mini_load($minipanel_name);
  $uuid_display = ctools_uuid_generate();
  $display = new panels_display();
  $display->layout = 'holder';
  $display->layout_settings = array();
  $display->panel_settings = array(
    'style_settings' => array(
      'default' => NULL,
      'contents' => NULL,
  $display->cache = array();
  $display->title = '';
  $display->uuid = $uuid_display;
  $display->content = array();
  $display->panels = array();

  foreach ($panes as $pane) {
    $display->content[$pane->pid] = $pane;
    $display->panels['contents'][] = $pane->pid;
  $mini->display = $display;

If I understood correctly, I theorize this would be a way to do so:

After you edited the mini panel to your liking, you could create a Node dedicated TPL file in Drupal 7 (or a Twig in Drupal 8) that will represent the whole product and than embedding the mini panel you finalized as it's possible to embed it to a Theme tpl file; There you could edit its code to your liking.

If you prefer, from whatever reason, a solution without coding, Than you could create a Panel-Node (or a Panel-Page for that matter) and combine your already-edited mini-panel inside it (as a Panels addition), or outside it (as a block)... The module Features would be completely out of this process...

I am not sure about that, but there might be a way to combine Panels inside Views in Drupal 7 (Maybe via an external module); Thus you could combine the mini-panel inside a View also without coding, though it might be problematic in all that has to do with Mobile devices responsivness.

  • I am new to custom development and unable to understand this. However, Whatever I understood this may not be configurable. – kajal.kiran Jan 6 '16 at 9:01
  • So I understood "Programatically in a different way"; I will edit the question and add an alternative: If you liked, please thumbs up when the time comes :) – JohnDoea Jan 6 '16 at 9:02

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