I got an error while updating user profile data such as name,password and email. I am using entity_metadata_wrapper() for processing update.

exception 'EntityMetadataWrapperException' with message 'Unknown data property original.' in C:\xampp\htdocs\phone_bay\sites\all\modules\entity\includes\entity.wrapper.inc:335\nStack trace:\n#0

This is my code.

require './includes/password.inc';
function commerce_services_user_update($uid, $data, $flatten_fields) {
    $user = user_load($uid);
    $wrapper = entity_metadata_wrapper('user', $user);

    $name = $data['name'];
    $password = $data['password'];
    $email = $data['email'];

    if ($name != null) {
        $wrapper -> name  = $name;
    if($password != null){
        $wrapper -> pass = user_hash_password($password);
    if ($email != null) {
        $wrapper -> mail = $email;

    try {       
        $message = "successessfully update!";
    } catch (Exception $e) {
        $message = "not success! -> ". $e;

    $reply = (array('status' => $status,'message' => $message));
    return $reply;

Since you are using Entity wrapper, you must use $entity->save to save your updated user object. In your case, use $wrapper->save.

user_save can be used if user is load using user_load api.

  • Not ok yet after changing code to $wrapper -> save(); exception still occurs. (exception 'EntityMetadataWrapperException' with message 'Invalid data value given. Be sure it matches the required data type and format.' in C:\\xampp\\htdocs\\phone_bay\\sites\\all\\modules\\entity\\includes\\entity.wrapper.inc:737\nStack trace:\n#0) – SAWAUNG Jan 7 '16 at 8:28
  • Have you given correct values in the user object? Because mail validation also happens here. – Manikandan Jan 7 '16 at 10:25

Just for the sake of having a complete answer :

$wrapper->name->set('Jean louis');

Instead of assigning value to the variable, you can set the value using set() method of wrapper, what you can do is:


This will save the value, you will not have to issue command of user_save

  • This will not save the value if you don't call $wrapper->save(); – Thony Aug 20 at 10:34

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