I have a page of content type insert which adds images to my website. It currently just displays images in rows when you click to view the album name pages.

I have installed FlexSlider as I want to use that module to display all images that are on pages that contain /Album/AlbumName in the URL as a slideshow automatically. How do I do that in Views?


If you have a content type which has a photo filed and you want to show the photos in the form of slider, Than I will suggest to use FlxSlider.

  1. Go to your_seite/admin/structure/types/manage/your_content/display/
  2. Change the photo filed form to flexslider
  3. Click the setting icon to customize the slider options
  4. Click Save

enter image description here

If your want to have some sort of photo album in your site than I will suggest to use Juicebox HTML5 Responsive Image Galleries

This module provides an integration between the popular Juicebox HTML5 responsive gallery library and Drupal. Juicebox is in many ways the successor of Simpleviewer and offers a powerful cross-device solution for image galleries, sliders and more.

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