I need a feature for my website, I want that users can send pre-filled messages to others users.

Like in an user's profile page, they just have to click on a button and then, the pre-filled message is sent.

I'm using PrivateMsg module, I don't know if this module could do the job

(By the way I'm new to Drupal).

Thanks for your help !

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You may implement this: hook_privatemsg_message_presave_alter.

Change the message before it is stored.

The $message variable contains the message's body (as well as much more parameters) ready to be edited. Note that you can include html tags in your message. Here is a code sample:

 * Implements hook_privatemsg_message_presave_alter().
 * Change the message before it is stored.
function my_module_privatemsg_message_presave_alter(&$message) {
  // dsm($message); print out the $message contents
  $name = $message->recipients['user_1']->name; // use foreach for many recipients
  $message->body = "<i>Dear $user</i>,\n <strong>you rock!</strong>";

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