I'm working with drupal 7 and views module (7.x-3.11 version) and I'm getting a strange problem.

In the Views admin, when I run the query, I get a message no query was run while I actually get expected results. Moreover, if I add a filter criteria and run the query, the results are affected by this new criteria while I still get no query run message.

Secondly, I have created a custom module to use views_query_alter to modify view's queries. It never comes into the function on this particular view while it does for other views.

So, to summary, I have a no query was run message and nothing is passing by the hook_views_query_alter but query is run somewhere because I get some results and it is sensitive to filter criteria changes.

I really need to find this query and to override but I just can't find it.

Do you have any idea of what's going on here?

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If your views having contextual filter using relationship, then you should check if correct relationship set in contextual filter.

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