I am trying to run a group of tests(Simpletest) for my custom modules through Jenkins.

  1. Firstly I tried drush test-run (...) which has been removed from drush.

  2. Then I tried php scripts/run-tests.sh --xml logs_tests [GROUP_NAME], but for every test class it returns /usr/bin/daemon: unrecognized option '--url'. I haven't defined any URL, maybe is something Simpletest specific.

  3. Finally, I created a fairly simple Phing task <exec command="php scripts/run-tests.sh --xml logs_tests ${group_name}" error="build_error"/> only to get the response Unknown argument: --url, from Phing this time.

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I was having the same issue you're mentioning in #2, getting this error:

/usr/bin/daemon: unrecognized option '--url'


I found that the solution to this is specifying the PHP binary to scripts/run-tests.sh as such:

php scripts/run-tests.sh --php /usr/bin/php --url


This is due to the way that jenkins starts programs, something like:

daemon program --parameters...

But run-tests.sh (lines 256-258) pulls the command that was run (falsely pulling daemon php --parameters) and thinks that the php binary is daemon.

The culprit code is:

 elseif ($php_env = getenv('_')) {
    // '_' is an environment variable set by the shell. It contains the command that was executed.
    $php = $php_env;

It seems like you have tried everything except to supply the URL.

You must supply a --url argument to execute simpletest. This is what I use, where "IAS" is the test group I have selected to execute:

php scripts/run-tests.sh --url http://localhost/drupal7 --concurrency 4 IAS

It follows that you must have a Drupal install to do this.


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