I would like to import a node with multiple taxonomy terms referenced in one of node fields. How can I do this with Feeds and Drupal 7 ?

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Use the Feeds Tamper module to "explode" the comma-delimited list of taxonomy terms into individual references.

Feeds Tamper provides a small plugin architecture for Feeds to modify data before it gets saved. Several plugins are available by default and are described in the examples section below.
Additional plugins can be added in separate modules or through the issue queue.

  • In my situation, the list is not a comma separated list. It is like
    – ErangaJ
    May 25, 2015 at 5:50

In my situation, the list is not a comma separated list. It is as follows:

    <Description>The description comes here</Description>
            <DestinationName>Dest 1</DestinationName>
            <DestinationName>Dest 2</DestinationName>

I have a taxonomy called destinations and the list is already imported. Now how can I import Destinations list of a product as a term reference for the product node. I am using feed module, Feeds XPath Parser, and Feeds Tamper modules?


I'd like to suggest the Manage Multiple Terms module.

Manage Multiple Terms provides a simple mechanism to add, update, delete many terms in the same time easily and quickly.


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