I've built a content type and added taxonomy to it. The user can choose one of the 10 terms from that vocabulary when they are building the content. On the node I want to build a sidebar that lists all the other nodes from this content type but filtered to be only the same taxonomy choice. I assume this is done through views but I can't figure out how to build that contextual filter that looks at the current nodes taxonomy.

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    Your contextual filter is the current node id taken from the url. You add a relationship to the taxonomy terms, then add a second relationship (in reverse I think) to nodes that contain the taxonomy terms and exclude the current node. Your fields must then be linked to the second relationship. Something like that. Jan 18, 2016 at 8:36

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To visualize what J. Reynolds said above.

Add Contextual Filter - Content: Has taxonomy term ID with following settings

enter image description here

then add contextual filter - Content:Nid (provide default value -> Content ID from URL) and in "More" section of that filter check "Exclude" checkbox, which will remove the currently viewed node from the list of nodes related by taxonomy term.

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