I have a collection of nodes that are created programmatically after having created the content type using Drupal. This is the creation code:

    $node = new stdClass();
    $node->title = $vals->title;
    $node->type = "event_type";
    $node->status                       = 1; 
    $node->promote                      = 0; 
    $node->comment                      = 0; 
    // title
    $node->title = $vals->title;
    // body     
    $node->body[$node->language][0]['value']   = $vals->body;
    $node->body[$node->language][0]['summary'] = text_summary($vals->body);
    $node->body[$node->language][0]['format']  = 'filtered_html';
    // intro text
    $node->field_event_type_intro = $vals->field_event_type_intro;
    // teaser
    $node->teaser = $vals->teaser;
    // data
    $node->data = $vals->data;
    // nodewords
    $node->nodewords = $vals->nodewords;

    $node = node_submit($node); // Prepare node for saving


This seems to be working but when I then click on one of these nodes to edit it it only shows the title in the edit screen. The body and intro are missing.

What am I doing wrong?


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In your code you have:

$node->field_event_type_intro = $vals->field_event_type_intro;

But if you want to add values to your fields you can use this:

  • if is a text

    $node->field_event_type_intro[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['value'] = field_event_type_intro;

  • if is a taxonomy

    $node->field_event_type_intro[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['tid'] = field_event_type_intro;

  • if is a field reference

    $node->field_event_type_intro[LANGUAGE_NONE][0]['target_id'] = field_event_type_intro;

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