I am currently moving a website from Drupal. The information I need to transfer is divided to many DB tables and connected through entity_id (That is my understanding, I have no experience in Drupal).

E.g. I have 2 MySQL tables:
users — contains uids, passwords and emails
field_revision_field_user_profile_phone — contains phone numbers and entity_ids

I believe there should be a table that matches uids and entity_ids, that will let me build a MySQL query to join them, but I can't find it.

How do I join those tables?


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In the database that contains entity_id (field_revision_field_user_profile_phone in this case) there is a column named entity_type. That would be a name of the table which contains both uid and entity_id.


For the second question how to join tables:

You can use Drupal db_select or db_query in querying the database and joining tables.

This will list all users name, mail, and password.


Using db_select

$query = db_select('users', 'u');
$query->join('field_revision_field_user_profile_phone', 'ei', 'ei.entity_id = u.uid');
$query->fields('ei', array('field_user_profile_phone_value'));
$query->fields('u', array('name', 'mail', 'pass'));

$results = $query->execute()->fetchAll();
foreach($results as $result) {
  // ...

Using db_query

SELECT ei.field_user_profile_phone_value AS field_account_employee_id_value,
       u.name AS name,
       u.mail AS mail,
       u.pass AS pass
FROM users u
INNER JOIN field_revision_field_user_profile_phone ei ON ei.entity_id = u.uid

Additional Resources:

Documentation of db_select function.

Documentation of db_query function

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