I want my admins to be able to search through the admin users view by the user name. I have a site with a lot of users and periodically the admins want to be able to check on various user fields. Is there a way to do this?

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You cannot easily alter admin/people page but you can add a new tab to it using Views. Create a custom View page that uses users as base table and expose user:name as a filter. Set its menu to a tab under admin/people and give access based on role or "administer users" permission.


You can take a look at the Administration Views Module:

Replaces administrative overview/listing pages with actual views for superior usability.


  • Filter all administrative views via AJAX.
  • Perform any kind of bulk/mass operations on items in administrative views.
  • Filter content by title, node type, author, published status, and/or vocabulary.
  • Filter comments by title, author, node title, or published status.
  • Filter users by name, ban/blocked status, or user roles.

*Note: If you are upgrading from an older version of Administration views and the default views have been overridden (saved in the database) you could encounter issues or not see any new changes unless you revert these views, so the default in-code views are used. This can be done in the views UI listing or using drush (drush cter views_view --module=admin_views)

By default it has a specific users view, but since it is a view, you can modify it.

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