I run a Drupal 7 website that is a multiple resort guide.

I have set up a panel page based on 2 contextual filters.


%1 = Taxonomy Term [Vocabulary:Resort] (term names: Magaluf, Malia, Zante, Ibiza etc)

%2 = Taxonomy Term [Vocabulary:Attraction_Categories] (term names: Boat Parties, Stag Parties)

I have a node [nod:type:Attraction]. When creating a new 'Attraction' you tag this node with the corresponding tags (Resort/Attraction Category).

For eg;

domain.com/resorts/ibiza/things-to-do/boat-parties/[node:type:Attraction] domain.com/resorts/malia/things-to-do/stag-parties/[node:type:Attraction] domain.com/resorts/magaluf/things-to-do/beach-parties/[node:type:Attraction]

The panel display's all attraction nodes in teaser displays based on the contextual filter from the URL.

For eg: domain.com/resorts/magaluf/things-to-do/beach-parties/ will display all the [node:type:attraction]'s of all the beach-parties in magaluf

What I am trying to do:

I would like to create a view on the parent page of the attraction categories panel page for each particular resort (eg Ibiza, domain.com/resorts/ibiza/things-to-do)

This view will then display links of all the terms of the vocabulary:attraction-categories. Each taxonomy term will link from that specific resort it is displayed in.

For example, selecting the term Beach Parties on page www.domain.com/resorts/zante/things-to-do would take you to domain.com/resorts/zante/things-to-do/beach-parties

I have been playing around with a view to display all taxonomy terms of the vocabulary - Attraction Categories then re-writing the output of the taxonomy temr URL to resorts/%1/things-to-do/[term:name] but no luck. :-(

Please help as I am now running out of ideas.

Thank you in advanced.

  • I will pay for help!! – user3175364 Jan 26 '16 at 21:15

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