i create two subdomains dev.example.com and dev1.example.com in cpnael admin and i create a drupal installation in public_html/dev/sites/ and i create two folders dev and dev1 inside of sites and your own database and the sites.php your settings are

$sites['dev.example.com'] = 'dev';
$sites['dev1.example.com'] = 'dev1';

i create symbolink links in this way

ls -s ~/public_html/dev ~/public_html/dev1

working good dev.example.com but no dev1.example.com

but in this way dev1.example.com/dev and working the other installation, how to make this work enter to dev1.example.com instead dev1.example.com/dev?


  • my solution is ls -s ~/public_html/dev/* ~/public_html/dev1
    – jonathan
    Jan 27, 2016 at 15:30

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I am not sure what the symbolic links are for. Normally, you would add another web server virtual host for dev1.example.com pointing to the same Drupal root directory as dev.example.com.

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