Trying to add a hover overlay for node title and a couple of other fields for images using the views photos grid module.

The fields to be used in the overlay need be excluded from the display as the module only uses one image field, however I am not managing to add the excluded fields.

If I the preprocess to template.php

`function THEME_preprocess_views_photo_grid_style(&$vars) { $vars['raw_result'] = $vars['view']->style_plugin->rendered_fields;}`

I can print the titles using

`foreach ($raw_result as $row) {print $row['title']; }`

which prints the titles on the page outside the container as a row, but I can only add the last title to the overlay. Need to be able combine each title to each image that is shown using

`foreach ($items as $key => $item):

print $item; endforeach;

  • You can accomplish this with CSS and jQuery...
    – No Sssweat
    Jan 29, 2016 at 0:50

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As the arrays line up, added an index and combined the arrays

$index = 0; foreach ($items as $key => $item):
print $raw_result[$index]['title']; $index++
print $item;


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