I used Field Collection in my previous sites and I faced some performance issue, So this time I am looking a alternative for Field Collection. I find a answer Alternative to Field Collection.

but I can't find much on how different or similar these solutions specially [Field Collection and Paragraphs].

Maybe someone can help to explain? So that I can make a good decision.


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In many respects the Paragraphs module appears to be a fork of Field Collection. Functionally, the difference between the modules lies in how their respective field widgets operate. The Field Collection widget allows users to embed multiple instances of a single field collection bundle in a node, while Paragraphs allows users to select a different bundle for each instance they embed using the Paragraphs widget. Both of these methods are extremely valuable and I now find myself combining field collections and paragraphs on the same node.

Read more in the issue about "Merge with Paragraphs module?".

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