I'm having difficulty with what seems straight forward and have tried many Drupal Commerce extra modules. Can anyone advise on showing product attributes in a add-to-cart form?

I have product types: - "product" and - "boat checkout"

And "boat checkout" products: - 1/2 day - full day

And node types: - basic page - boat - boat reservation

I'm not able to get boat product attributes showing in the add form nor in the checkout view, despite attribute settings on Despite visibility on /admin/commerce/products/types/boat-checkout/fields. I'd prefer using a view to keep the site simple (and not creating 2 nodes to display 2 products).

Separately, can product attributes be saved/ shown on orders?? Very hard letting users change or view attributes.

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    In your view, perhaps you need to add a RELATIONSHIP of some sort, in order for the attributes to become available in add fields. – No Sssweat Jan 30 '16 at 6:18
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    No luck with views. I did get custom attributes showing on the display node form with commerce_custom_product. It doesn't appear they're captured in the saved order though. I don't see history for the user's attribute choices. – s6712 Jan 31 '16 at 15:17

Answer borrowed from my answer over here.

Most straightforward way is to use views to render your product display nodes. Instead of "fields" choose "node" and then choose your display mode. Perhaps use display_suite or panels to get more advanced control over what your products look like when rendered.

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