I'm using hook_ENTITY_TYPE_presave() to alter the values of nodes upon saving, but I only want to do this for a specific content type.

How do I check the content type of the $entity object? I looked at the documentation for class node and working with Entity API, but all I found was how to get the entity type, not the content type.

Given a node $entity object, how can I check the content type?

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If you know that you have a node, then you can use getType(). If you don't know that, you can use he generic method ->bundle(). Note that the second will return the entity type in case of an entity type that doesn't have bundles, like users.

Again, my standard reference to http://wizzlern.nl/sites/wizzlern.nl/files/artikel/drupal-content-entity-8.0.pdf, it contains both methods.

  • Thanks for the answer! But is it possible to get the human readable value or it has to be str_replaced in order get there?
    – Alimba
    Commented Jul 5, 2021 at 12:56

Entity Type and bundle name are two things; usually you want to have both. You might e.g. have a media entity of the bundle "image". Bundle names alone may not be unique, I think you could name a content type "gallery" and also a paragraph type "gallery" without getting a validation error. So:


gives you the entity type: node, user, paragraph, media


gives you the bundle name if you have one, could be "gallery" like described above. As Berdir points out, getType() only works on nodes, so getEntityTypeId() would be a replacement for that that works on all entity types.

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