I installed the Rooms module, and enabled all dependencies. Now when I edit a bookable unit and when I click in "manage availability", I can edit availability per month.

But I do not want a monthly view, I want weekly view. And I want to select the availability per hours/days.

Is that possible? And is there any other way to do this? Or is there another change in the code?

enter image description here

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I'm not aware of a way to display a weekly view. But as per your "... is there another change in the code ...", it seems like it should be pretty forward to transform the 3 months view to a single month view via rooms_three_month_calendar.tpl.php.

To actually do so, remove line 2 (with class="month1") and line 4 (with class="month3") from this part of that tpl file:

<div class="calendar-set clearfix">
  <div id='calendar' class="month1"></div>
  <div id='calendar1' class="month2"></div>
  <div id='calendar2' class="month3"></div>

After doing so, it should look like so:

<div class="calendar-set clearfix">
  <div id='calendar1' class="month2"></div>

Still not exactly a weekly view, but at least you already got rid of 2/3 of the days you don't want to see, right? And hence leaves 3 times as much space for the current month view.

Note: By not removing the backward / current / forward links in that tpl file, you should still be able to easily navigate to another month.

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