There are lots of good to tutorials for view and panels, but I'm having trouble finding specific information on how to properly use mini panels. Does anyone know of a good tutorial or explanation of how it works? again I've seen to referenced a bunch of times as a possible solution to certain problems, but never really understood how to use it.

(D7 panels 3 would be ideal)

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I have not found a tutorial specifically for mini-panels, but it works similarly to page panels. nodeone.se has an excellent tutorial on using Page Panels (Page Manager & Panels modules enabled).

Mini Panels are closely related , but behave more like blocks. When you define a mini-panel it will be available in the panels UI for placement as well as in the admin/structures/blocks form. The major difference from blocks is that mini-panels are smart. They can take context from the node, user and other sources and display accordingly. They also connect to a View.

There is one thing to observe when defining a mini-panel. The UI is slightly different from Page Panels and the first time I used them, I could not figure out how to add content to one. To access the "content" and other setting forms select the Panels breadcrumb menu at the top.

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    Thanks, I think the point of confusion was show to get to the settings and content portion of the mini-panel, I would got to "edit" and only see the overview, once I noticed the breadcrumbs I understood, The UI is different from a regular panel so it a wee bit confusing
    – user379468
    Commented Jan 5, 2012 at 17:22
  • I entered an issue at Drupal/Panels about this yesterday. Hopefully they will make it a bit clearer in the next go-around.
    – Ashlar
    Commented Jan 5, 2012 at 18:53

Although for panels2, here is a basic tutorial for minipanels. Current panels adds some stuff, but the idea is illustrated well.

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