Im using user points (module) to reward users whenever they create content on my site. Now, I`d like to start rewarding thise points within categories (Points categories).

The categories I want in my points system are to be the terms that is available in a specific vocabulary on my site.

Exampple: User X creates a "node Y" and classifies it with "term A". In this case Id like to award user x 5 points in the "term A" category.

Anyone know how to do this?


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Ditch user points and download and install Rules instead.

Make sure you enable Rules UI.

Go to user fields and add a field of type Integer. Example: Lets name it Term A Points.

React on: (under node) After saving new content

Restrict by type: None

Add condition >> (under node) Content is of type >> select your content type (If you want multiple, hold the Ctrl button on your keyboard to highlight the content types you want)

Lets assume your term reference field is called hello world

Add Condition >> Data Comparison >> node:field-hello-world >> (type the term name here)

Add Action >> Set a Data Value >> node:author:field-term-a-points >> (click on switch to data selection) >> Data Selector: node:author:field-term-a-points >> Click on OFFSET and put the points you want to award, ex: 5

You can then use the Field Permissions module if you want to hide the Term A Points field from users so they cant see it and/or edit it.

Then you can create another rule when Content is deleted, do the same except OFFSET -5

If you want to diplay a message:

Add Action >> (under system) Display a message on the site >> Type your message here. Ex: [user:name] you have been awarded 5 points.

  • Thanks, but I have over 400 terms, I can`t make a field for each of them. Any suggestions? Feb 2, 2016 at 17:58
  • @EspenArnoy Yikes!!! nothing comes to mind at the moment. If something comes up, I'll let you know.
    – No Sssweat
    Feb 2, 2016 at 23:36

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