So I tried this tutorial on Taxonomy Menu and Menu Block. Now I set up the block to go in the header showing only 1 level deep.

My goal is to click on that 1 level deep link and generate a second menu showing the hierarchy. Instead I get a generic template that displays all posts of the parent taxonomy.

So, ideally:

  1. [Header Menu Item] > Goes to hierarchy tree
    • Sub category 1 > Goes to hierarchy tree
      • Nodes of sub category 1

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Have a look at Taxonomy Split, Drupal 6 only at the moment.

if you have a vocabulary in the form of a tree, eg it has terms within terms with nodes attached to them.

It will place all the first level terms in a block and when a term is clicked displays the tree below that term in another block.


I have successfully used DHTML menu for a similar need. The module allows several behaviors - I used the javascript-based tree browsing. The tree also auto-expands to show reveal the active term, but as far as I recall you'll need Taxonomy Menu Trails for that to work.

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