I have a Drupal site on Amazon server. On the amazon server, I have created an Elasticsearch server. I want to connect my Drupal instance with that server so I can use the search server for performing the search operation on the site.

I added and configured the Elasticsearch connector module which, in order to connect to the search server, needs I create a cluster which would help in connecting both the instances.

While adding a cluster to the Drupal instance, it asks me about the server URL. I am not sure on what I should write as server URL. What should I add in that form field?

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  • Had you been able to connect Drupal with AWS ElasticSearch cluster ?
    – mjs
    Oct 2 '19 at 11:09

Just enter the Endpoint of your AWS Elastic-search Cluster.

Use port : "80".

the Complete url will be something like:


First check are you able to access the Elastic-search , Try to telnet on the server:

telnet XXX-XXX-XXX-XXXXXX.ap-southeast-1.es.amazonaws.com 80

If it's not accessible make it available for your IP by changing the access policy .

  • I have tried the above but it never finds any alive nodes May 25 '16 at 10:15
  • @DanielHarper are you able to access the Elastic-search instance? May 27 '16 at 6:07
  • Yes I can, it is limited to IP address but I can access it from my location and I'm working on a local Drupal installation. I do have elastic on a separate EC2 instance and I can connect to that using IP and port number 9200. I know the aws elastic search service runs on port 80 so I have tried lots of different combinations. May 28 '16 at 19:51

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