The site I'm working on will have many OG groups, each with a list of topics relevant to their members. I would like to show content to the logged in user that is about their group's relevant topics.

I started by creating a vocabulary (Topic) and two content types (Group and Post). Group and Post both have a term reference field that lists Topic terms (groups have topics that are relevant to the group, and posts have topics about which they're written).

How can I create a view that shows only posts with at least one Topic term in common with the logged in user's group's Topic list?

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It looks like this may not be possible with the current stable release of OG (7.x-1.3). I think it would require at least the patch from issue #1341990 along with the patch from this comment on issue #1151648, but I'm completely new to Drupal so it's not unlikely that I'm missing something.

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