I just installed Bootstrap 3 theme in Drupal 7, but the subtheme folder is missing. I am new to Drupal and am following online tutorials but no result. All instructions direct me to a sub theme folder in themes>bootstrap> bootstrap-subtheme, but there is no such folder. I removed the theme and reinstalled but still no folder.


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Have a look in the starterkits folder then choose between less or cdn.

For more information, have a look on files within docs folder


See http://drupal-bootstrap.org/api/bootstrap/docs!subtheme!README.md/group/subtheme/7.

To start with, you need to choose an Existing Starterkit.

  • CDN Starterkit - uses the "out-of-the-box" CSS and JavaScript files served by the jsDelivr CDN.
  • LESS Starterkit - uses the Bootstrap Framework source files and a local LESS preprocessor. Create a New Sub-theme

Then follow these steps:

  • Copy over one of the starterkits you have chosen from the ./bootstrap/starterkits folder into sites/all/themes or a respective sites/*/themes folder.
  • Rename the folder to a unique machine readable name. This will be your sub-theme's "name". For this example and future examples we'll use subtheme.
  • Rename ./subtheme/cdn.starterkit or, if using the LESS Starterkit, ./subtheme/less.starterkit to match the folder name and append .info (e.g. ./subtheme/subtheme.info).
  • Open ./subtheme/subtheme.info and change the name, description and any other properties to suite your needs.

WARNING: Ensure that the .starterkit suffix is not present on your sub-theme's .info filename. This suffix is simply a stop gap measure to ensure that the bundled starter kit sub-theme cannot be enabled or used directly. This helps people unfamiliar with Drupal avoid modifying the starter kit sub-theme directly and instead forces them to create a new sub-theme to modify.


Just create the sub-theme folder manually. The folder name you'd use for it will be the machine name of your subtheme.

For more details, refer to:

If you prefer to look at a great (I think) example of a (contributed) Bootstrap sub-theme, then have a look at the Bootstrap Business theme.

Note: the question about "Right way to start with a Bootstrap subtheme?" contains a lot of details to get started with such sub-theme ...


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