I'm using Quiz module and I have a quiz with questions 1 to 10.

I want this:

Question 1: If answer is yes jump to question 2. If answer is no jump to question 7.

How can I achieve this? Do I need to use Rules module?

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To get this to work using the Rules module (which I'd also use for this), you should ALSO use the Conditional Rules module. Some more details about this module (from its project page):

... provides Rules plugins for conditionally altering execution flow directly inside a group of actions.

Some examples of using the Conditional Rules module:

So by using both of these modules, you could use a Rules Action to redirect (= jump) to either question 2 or question 7, based on the answer (yes or no) provided to question 1.

This would answer your question for "question 1". By creating up to 10 similar rules (1 for each question that has a similar requirement), you should have a solution for all other questions that would need it also. However, you should be able to take advantage of other facilities that the Conditional Rules module offers (by constructing complex conditions as a condition set and then use those in the condition elements). So that you include all the required logic (for all your 10 questions) in a single Rule.

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