I use Drupal with Commerce Kickstarter profile installed. After automatic update from Installatron in my Direct Panel i get an error of unsupported Drupal Core version: Error from admin/reports/status

There's no way to make update using Drush or Installatron from that state.

The only way to make it work, that I have found, is to revert to the backup before update. Can anyone help me to understand what's happening, and why Installatron updates to the 7.42 version (7.41 -> 7.42) while Drupal Report state of 7.41 v. states that it is up-to-date?

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    You question is slightly vague. I suggest you edit it otherwise it might get closed. – J. Reynolds Feb 5 '16 at 12:31
  • What is "automatic update from Installatron in my Direct Panel" ? – joshmiller Feb 5 '16 at 12:55
  • It is an web-app automatic installer, with build in backup & update functions. It supports Drupal, Joomla, WP and more. I have ticked an option for automatic updates with backups, and it caused that mentioned situation. – maszynka Feb 5 '16 at 13:29
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    Please ask the people who support that platform @maszynka, we couldn't know what they've done to your site – Clive Feb 5 '16 at 14:48
  • you might also check /update.php to see if there are update scripts that need to be run (?) – joshmiller Feb 5 '16 at 16:11

You updated Drupal core outside of updating the entire distribution. You're seeing this message because of the Distribution Update module and having upgraded outside of the distribution.

On that note, CK 2.32 uses Drupal 7.41. I will roll CK 2.33 with 7.42

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