Let's say I have a Region content type that have multiple entity reference to a City content Type.

When I'm on a City page, I would like to display Cities of the same Region as the City page.

How can I achieve this through a view?

Keeping in mind that I also need to display cities of a Region at some point, switching the relation owner (City having the entity reference field to Region) might no be a solution here.

  • Can't you just run your own query?
    – GwenM
    Feb 5, 2016 at 22:00

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If it was me, I'd probably use a Region reference on the City so that you only need a single-value field, but this should be quickly accomplished in Views either way.

Assuming a City reference on the Region:

  1. Create a View of Content entities of type City with a Block Display.
  2. Add a Node ID Contextual Filter with Default Actions set to Provide Default Value > Content ID from URL.
  3. Add a required Relationship to Region/Content using your reference field.
  4. Add your reference Field to the display using the Relationship and uncheck/disable Multiple Field Settings > Display all values in the same row.
  5. Add a Contextual Filter for your reference field using the Relationship with Default Actions set to Provide Default Value > Content ID from URL. Then check/enable the More > Exclude option.

Now just place the block in a theme region on your site so that it shows up on the City page. #1-4 should get a View showing all Cities that share a Region with the current one. #5 should remove the current one from the results.

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