I like to upload a lot of commerce product from a csv file and I have one image for multiple product. I am importing images from a subdirectory of files, the field is in the csv: public://productimages/PRODNUM.jpg. It is working very nice, but when I use the same photo for multiple images it is makes a new image for every product. (PRODNUM.jpg PRODNUM_1.jpg PRODNUM_2.jpg PRODNUM_X.jpg)

I like to use the same image for same products if the name is same.

I tried filefield path filefield source but not helped. If it possible I do not want to use the media module.

  • I think I solved this problem, but not a nice solution. I patched the sites/all/modules/feeds/plugins/FeedsParser.inc in line 441 to $file = file_copy($file, $destination, FILE_EXISTS_REPLACE); Commented Feb 6, 2016 at 23:14

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If the images in the same place where the field is waiting for it the images will not multiple.

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