How could we interconnect referenced entity in one content type so that we can search, create, edit, delete the referenced entity on the same content page. In drupal 7 "references_dialog" module was fulfilling the requirement but now in drupal 8 what is alternative of that module.I think references_dialog is now no more maintained by developer for Drupal 8. I already know that inline_entity_form is there but i want some module which open every thing in modal window pope up like reference dialog does.

Any module or code suggestion will be great.

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You want a combination of inline_entity_form and Entity browser.

It's possible to create different browsers that consist of one or multiple views, dropzonejs upload forms (with the dropzonejs module), you could also integrate it with a create form I guess but there's no integration for that yet I think (within the entity browser, which is why you can use Inline Entity Form for that part directly in the widget9.

Entity browser doesn't have a UI yet to create browsers, but you can look at the provided demo module and adjust it to your neeeds.

Another example is the File Browser project. That uses an inline iframe, and not a dialog. And it's specifically for managing files/images.

  • Entity browser is a great solution but it is lacking in good documentation. I have tried it and it was working fine. But still need to know some more stuff like how to add the another entity browser view in form field for-matter, or how to make a valid YML file to import configuration. If you have any experience in it then please share it to community. Thanks Feb 10, 2016 at 8:16
  • Have you seen drupal-media.gitbooks.io/drupal8-guide/content/modules/…? (linked from the project page). Also follow github.com/drupal-media/entity_browser/pull/137, that should make creating custom browsers a lot easier.
    – Berdir
    Feb 10, 2016 at 8:24

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