I need a help to install multi-site setup using only Drush that have multiple/different databases.I have already installed a site using drush but when I do the same steps for install another site into the sites folder using drush it gives me an error to delete previous database. I want instead to install another site that having same code base but different database.

  1. Install site in /var/www/html/abc
  2. Install another in /var/www/abc/sites/xyz.com

Gives error.

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drush site-install --db-url=mysql://USER:PASS@localhost/DATABASENAME --sites-subdir=sitename

You may also need to add --db-su and --db-su-pw if necessary to provide the right credentials to create the database if the user specified by USER:PASS does not have permissions to do this.

See drush help site-install for other useful optional options you might want to specify, e.g. site name, admin account details and so on.


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