I try to create a custom search link like this :

l(t('See our Job Ads'), 'search', array('query' => array('f[0]' => 'is_recruiter_nid:' . $nid )));

when i click on the link nothing get filtered. P.S : i have added the filter 'is_recruiter_nid' in code using the hook_search_api_solr_documents_alter() Something like:

function MYMODULE_search_api_solr_documents_alter(array &$documents, SearchApiIndex $index, array $items) {
  foreach ($documents as $document) {
     $document->setField('is_recruiter_nid', $recruiter->nid);    

How I can do this? Is there any example ?

Thanks for your help.

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f[0] param doesn't work directly. To allow ApacheSolr to filter results based on custom fields you will need to define them as facet (checkout FacetAPI module) or you can implement hook_apachesolr_query_alter and add your own filters in it.


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