I am trying to dump sql from local dev site to production server, I found that search_index & search_dataset these two tables are big, made the sql file really big.

I am guessing these two tables are about storing search indexes which I can always to re-index from scratch later. Correct me if wrong.

So is it OK/safe to delete all the records of them? then export the database, import to my server. By doing this I can reduce the file size of dump file.


  • Just a quick note: You don't have to delete all the records and then export. If you use drush... do something like drush sql-dump --structure-tables-list=search_index,cache,cache_form Commented Oct 14, 2015 at 19:52

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These tables are used by the site's search function, as provided by the core's Search module. They're built from your site's content, and the descriptions in code in search_schema() say:

  • search_dataset - "Stores items that will be searched"
  • search_index - "Stores the search index, associating words, items and scores"

Though you can ignore/truncate the contents of these tables to keep your database dumps smaller, they will be recreated during cron runs as your site's content is re-indexed. Beware that rebuild times can be a lengthy if your site has a lot of content.

I've always found the Backup and Migrate module to be much handier than command-line MySQL as tables and/or their contents can be ignored, plus do scheduled dumps and have various export/import profiles.

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