I am pretty new to Drupal. I am using Profile2 so that the user can select there own user role. So say I have a profile page with some checkbox items like

  • Automotive
  • Computer
  • Garden
  • etc

How would I add a condition or data comparison in Rules to say, If Automotive is selected/checked, set user role to that role? I also need to be able to select multiple checkboxes to get multiple roles.

Any suggestions?

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Part 1 - Make it work for a single selection and related role

Create a rule which looks like so:

  1. Rules Event: After saving user profile.
  2. Rules Conditions (both conditions must be satisfied):

    • entity has field (with the field corresponding to (eg) "Automotive".
    • data comparison to check if "Automotive is selected/checked".
  3. Rules Action: : Assign role to user (for the role related to "Automotive").

You could create a similar rule for each possible combination of checkboxes and roles to be assigned. Or continue as detailed in Part 2 to further enhance your rule from Part 1 so that you end up with a single rule for all possible combinations.

Part 2 - Make it work for other possible combinations

To also make it work for other possible combinations, and because of the fact that a Rules action cannot contain "conditions", you basically have 2 possible approaches:

  • Create a similar rule (as in Part 1) for each possible combination.
  • Use the Conditional Rules module to enhance the Rules Action in the above rule to alter the flow, using either Conditional (if/else) of Switch logic. Be aware: this module only has a beta release for D7, though it's used in over 8K sites (which makes it seem like a pretty robust module though).
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    Wow, thank-you so much. This information is very helpful! Feb 18, 2016 at 0:21

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