I have two content types: Region and City. Region nodes include City nodes; every City node is related to some Region node.

How I can create a relationship for this situation? When I create a Region node and refer a City node in a field, all City nodes have its Region referencing field set to this Region node and vice versa.

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You can use Corresponding Entity References to achieve this.

Follow these steps:

  1. Create two content types: Region and City.
  2. Insert entity reference field: Cities in Region and Region in City.
  3. Now enable Corresponding Entity References and update its configuration by going on your site: Configuration >> System >> Corresponding entity references.
  4. Check this configuration: Correspond Region on node(s) of type city with Cities on node(s) of type region. enter image description here
  5. Now in next tab Updating existing entities of entity type: node. enter image description here

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