I have to use PHP code in contextual filter code in a "Arguments/Contextual Filters" of a view:

global $user;

$pid=db_query("select pid from profile where uid='$uid';")->fetchField();

$equipo=db_query("select field_equipo_proyecto_target_id from field_data_field_equipo_proyecto where entity_id='$uid';")->fetchField();

$num_equipo=db_query("select field_num_equipo_proyecto_value from field_data_field_num_equipo_proyecto where entity_id='$equipo';")->fetchField();;

return sprintf("%02d",intval($num_equipo));

I think I have some error because I can´t get a correct value. I would like to know how display variables such as $num_equipo, etc to debug my code easier.


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To expand on what Adrian offered, I would add the Devel Debug Log module. I had a similar problem trying to debug code that ran from a rule, and, I found it easy to write the contents of variables to the log. I then went to Reports > Debug Messages and see what I needed to debug my code. The Debug Log module provides a ddl($message) function that is easy to use.


Install the Devel module with the Search Krumo module and you will be able to use the dpm() function.


  • Helper functions for Drupal developers and inquisitive admins.
  • Enable the included Kint submodule as for pretty print of variables. kint($array) function is provided, which pretty prints arrays. Useful during development. Similarly, a ddebug_backtrace() is offerred.

You can read how to use the Devel module at: Debugging Drupal (a page which gives a brief overview of some of the tools you can use to make Drupal development and debugging easier).

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