Rather than specifying a contextual filter, is it possible to specify a contextual filter +1 (i.e. add one to the current filter value?)

If you have a view taking an argument, i understand that you can create a global text field to make a link to a different view using the original argument.

I.e. in view1/arg1 i can have a global text field which outputs as a link to view2/arg1

Is it possible to create a global text field which outputs as a link to view2/arg1+1

i.e. adds one to the current argument?

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In Views for D7 (not sure about D6) you can add a field of type "Math expression" to do this sort of thing. Enter the expression [!1]+1 (or maybe [%1]+1) in the Math expression field, and then later text fields can refer to this value (in their Rewrite sections) as [expression].


Views PHP normally be my answer, but it appears that it doesn't support PHP in Contextual Filters quite yet...

So you'll need to create yourself a module and then:

I'm assuming your first argument is the one you want to change, and I don't have a view I can test against right now, so you'll need to print_r($query->where[0]);` to see what's going on in there and add to the correct value.


Do something like this.

  $view = views_get_current_view();
  $arg = $view -> args[0];
  $newarg = intval($arg) + 1;
<a href="/view2/<?php print($newarg); ?>">Increment my contextual filter</a>

You can create views template for your views and do something like this below.

<?php $arg = arg(1);  ?>
<a href="<?php print base_path() . 'view2/' . ($arg + 1) ;?>">Link to view</a>  

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