in our Drupal application, we have a few field collections that themselves have field collections. It looks like this:

 ├── field_xyz
 ├── field_collection2
 └── field_collection3

I am currently implementing migrations for all our content, and am a little bit stuck trying to figure out the best way to migrate these collections. I have absolutely no problem migrating field_collection1 and field_xyz using the MigrateDestinationFieldCollection class, but don't know how to approach the two nested collections.

Looking at the documentation available for migrating field collections, the only two host_entity_types that are supported seem to be node and term. field_collection1 is of course neither a node nor a term, so I am not sure how I would set it as the host entity. Is that even possible?

If not, would it be a sensible option to create the two nested migrations in the complete hook if the field_collection1 migration?

I am really appreciating any feedback on this.

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