I have a user profile with extra fields like company address and company name etc.

I also have a content type job where i'd like to use the author's profile info (company name, address) in the content created by that author.

How do I use fields from the author profile in my nodes created via the job content type?

Is there something like a token field that I can use in my content type to display profile fields?

I know in views there's an option to use relationships, but I'd like to not use views for this if possible.


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1)Go to admin/config/accountsetting then manage field add fields (company name, address and company name) into it.

2)Go to your content type job add fields (company name, address and company name) as a existing field not as a new field.find your existing field from the list of available dropdown and select it and save.

  • I don't see how the node fields would be prefilled with the user profile data of the author upon node creation.
    – skrln
    Feb 19, 2016 at 13:46

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