On the user registration page, my help text for fields is displayed as pop-up text when I use the Bootstrap theme, but this doesn't work well on mobile devices, and most of my users are visiting through their phones. How do I get rid of the tooltips?

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There is a setting for this.

  1. admin/appearance/settings/bootstrap
  2. Javascript -> Uncheck Enable Bootstrap Tooltips

In addition to the GUI way of disabling the tooltips, there are other ways of disabling these tooltips. Following are the options that I know of.

Option 1: Admin interface

First and generally best way through the theme settings in the admin interface (see Patrick Kenny's answer)

Option 2: theme .info file

Through the bootstrap.info file or your own Bootstrap subtheme's info file:

; Tooltips
; --------------
settings[bootstrap_tooltip_enabled] = 1
settings[bootstrap_tooltip_animation] = 1
settings[bootstrap_tooltip_html] = 0
settings[bootstrap_tooltip_placement] = 'auto left'
settings[bootstrap_tooltip_selector] = ''
settings[bootstrap_tooltip_trigger]['hover'] = 'hover'
settings[bootstrap_tooltip_trigger]['focus'] = 'focus'
settings[bootstrap_tooltip_trigger]['click'] = 0
settings[bootstrap_tooltip_delay] = 0
settings[bootstrap_tooltip_container] = 'body'

Option 3: Disable tooltips per element

If you do not want to disable tooltips theme-wide, you should be able to disable them by element. You could use hook_form_alter() with underneath setting for most existing forms or set it directly on your form when creating it.

// Set #smart_description to FALSE, to disable tooltips
$form['my_element']['#smart_description'] = FALSE;

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