Pre-requisite knowledge:

  1. I have a view - All Albums to list all content of Album content-type.
  2. I have a field in Album content-type - Release Date of type Date.
  3. I use Datepicker module (enabled Datepicker block and Datepicker Views as well) in the Views Filter handler in Date filters (filter on Release Date field in this case).
  4. In View Edit overlay for All Albums View, I created a new filter on Content: Release Date.
  5. Then, under Configure extra settings for filter criterion..., set Date selection form element to Select and Filter granularity to Year (these extra settings are being implemented)
  6. Then, under Configure filter criterion, exposed this filter to visitors and selected Grouped filters.


Problem Statement

I expected something like this to appear under Value column: ideal

But I am not getting it! I guess this is a bug in Datepicker module but can't say for sure. Moreover, I want to expose this date value under Value column to site-user/visitor; how to do that?

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