I have installed services module and enabled Resource-> node. Now i am using postman to test default services. My configuration details: endpoint is "apis". Server is "REST". localhost url http://drupaltest.localhost.com. Also as per given in README file, i have downloaded spyc.php file and placed into servers/rest_server/lib/.

So when i am calling api http://drupaltest.localhost.com/apis/node its showing me result. when i am calling http://drupaltest.localhost.com/apis/node/retrieve, i am getting error: 404 Not found : Node retrieve could not be found. And for http://drupaltest.localhost.com/apis/node/create error: 404 Not found : Could not find the controller.

Is there i am missing any configuration or any permission issue?

  • Retrieve is not a thing, you should enter a node id (nid) on that spot: http://drupaltest.localhost.com/apis/node/1. I suppose the create fails because it does not support GET, but needs data to be POST-ed to it. Feb 23, 2016 at 11:44

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This may not have been part of your issue, as I also think a node id should be where you wrote retrieve. But regarding spyc.php, I noticed that this file should be placed at sites/all/libraries/spyc/spyc.php or you will get an error message on your status page.

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