I installed Drupal 8 on MAMP Pro with PHP 7. I am getting this warning in my Drupal reports page:

PHP OPcode caching Not enabled
PHP OPcode caching can improve your site's performance considerably. It is highly recommended to have OPcache installed on your server.

I looked in MAMP's PHP 7 ini file and I see this code which seems to be related to OPcode caching.


So I am not sure if I need to do anything else to enable it, it seems to be enabled based on the code above. I googled around and could not find any specific documentation with regard to MAMP and PHP OPcode caching.

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Just make sure that the OPCache is selected as caching mechanism in MAMP preferences.

  1. Click on "Preferences".
  2. Click on the "PHP" tab.
  3. Select "OPcache" under "Cache" field.

MAMP screenshot - PHP settings and OPcache


The UI is slightly different for Mamp Pro. Some may find this screenshot helpful.

Mamp Pro UI differences for Opcache

More recent versions of MAMP Pro have a different layout for the UI.

enter image description here

  • Since updating MAMP (free version) It no longer let's me apply OPcache as the PHP-Cache option. I can select and click OK, but if I edit MAMP preferences again, it' always set to off. I confirmed via CLI which php.ini was being used and ensured the php.ini was set to enable OPCache but still MAMP won't allow me to turn it on; and the Drupal installation Window warns me that it's off. Has anyone else had this issue? Jun 28 at 2:01

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